7th International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology

Call for Participation

7th International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology

29 September to 2 October 2010

Faculty of Engineering, Porto University, Porto, Portugal

The International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology (QUATIC) serves as a forum for disseminating advanced methods, techniques and tools for supporting quality approaches to ICT engineering and management. Practitioners, researchers and educators from around the world are encouraged to exchange ideas and approaches on how to adopt a quality culture in ICT process and product improvement and to provide practical studies in varying contexts.

QUATIC’2010 will host a balanced program for researchers and practitioners. The conference features an exciting selection of keynote speakers. The scientific track will promote discussions concerning how quality crosscuts knowledge area such as Process Improvement and Assessment, Agile Methods, Standardization and Certification, Service Management, Web Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Model Driven Engineering, Verification and Validation, Reengineering and Refactoring, Evolution and Teaching. In parallel with the scientific track, the industrial track will feature tutorials, panels, and expert sessions. As a whole, QUATIC’2010 will provide excellent networking opportunities.

Located in a magnificent setting overlooking the Douro River, Porto is one of the most ancient European cities, having its historic centre classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Centre in 1996. Porto also gave name to the Port Wine, that is aged and bottled in cellars located in the south bank of Douro river, and is produced in the Alto Douro Wine Region - the oldest certified wine making region in the world, dating back to 1756, and also classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Centre in 2001.

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Program at a glance


QUATIC’2010 will have a series of keynotes, featuring leading experts in several of the topics of this conference, namely, Stephen B. Seidman (College of Science, Texas State University), Antonia Bertolino (CNR/ISTI), Karol Frühauf (INFOGEM), Ana Moreira (FCT/UNL), Coral Calero (Universidad de Castilla-la-Mancha), Neil McBride (De Montfort Univ), Parastoo Mohagheghi (SINTEF), Michel Wermelinger (The Open University), Panagiotis Sfetsos (Alexander Technological Educational Inst., Thessalonki), Knut Blind (TU Berlin / Erasmus University), for the plenary sessions, and Michel Chaudron (TU Eindhoven), and Stefania Gnesi (CNR/ISTI), in the thematic sessions.

Peer reviewed sessions

The scientific program includes both thematic and plenary sessions, covering topics such as: Quality in ICT Verification and Validation, Quality in ICT Service Management, ICT Process Improvement and Assessment, Quality Evolution in ICT, Standardization and Certification in ICT, Quality in ICT Outsourcing and Insourcing, Quality in ICT Requirements Engineering, Quality in Model Driven Engineering, Quality in ICT Reengineering and Refactoring, Quality in Agile Methods, Quality in Web Engineering, and Teaching ICT Quality. In the first day of the conference, we will have thematic track sessions concerning each of the above-mentioned topics. Some of these sessions will have a keynote, such as Michel Chaudron’s, in the Model-Based Engineering track, or Stefania Gnesi’s, in the Verification and Validation track. These thematic tracks are open to all QUATIC participants and will provide a specialized and focused discussion in their corresponding topics. In the second and third days of QUATIC, we will have plenary scientific sessions, encompassing all the conference topics, enabling a cross-fertilization of ideas among the participants of the several thematic sessions. These plenary sessions will host a selection of the works presented in the thematic sessions, along with the keynote talks.

Industrial Track

The industrial track also features peer reviewed presentations in topics specifically targeted to practitioners.

The program of this track was designed specifically to respond to practitioners needs coming from public administration and private companies.

The first day agenda offers the possibility to attend a tutorial about CMMI framework, being presented by the SEI/CMU specialist Jay Douglass.

In the second day, the morning is dedicated to the presentation of well known initiatives with good results on the software quality improvement in Brazil, Spain and Mexico, and ongoing initiatives that are taking place in Portugal related to the competitiveness and technology pole TICE.PT. The afternoon agenda offers a glance at the state of the art of IT/IS project management approaches and the opportunity to discuss methods that help to improve systems quality, namely through the business strategy alignment and information systems requirements definition, with Portuguese, German and Spanish experts.

On the third day, the program begins with contributions of experts coming from Portuguese and Brazilian companies about agile processes that orient the development and deployment of CMMI.

The inspection and tests issue play a central role with presentations of Portuguese, Finnish and Brazilian experts. The Portuguese Association of SW tests will complement the message.

The panel “Application Lifecycle Management”, run with Microsoft, IBM and others, will close the works.